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  1. The Playstation 3 is an incredible Blue Ray Player, that has feaetrus NOT available in any other Blue Ray Player. I am not a game player and simply bought this unit as a Blue Ray and DVD player. However on comparison, there are so many benefits compared to other Blue Ray players.Here are the surprise benefits you get from this INCREDIBLE technology vs. a regular Blue Ray Player:1. Picture Quality SUPERB (Easily compares to most expensive Blue Ray Players)2. REGULAR DVD’s PLAY IN A HIGHER RESOLUTION Incredible difference to a regular DVD player.3. Wireless INTERNET Connection Surf web on your TV. (NO WIRES REQUIRED)4. Automatic BLUE RAY format Updates (FREE and AUTOMATIC) Upgrades as technology changes.5. HARD Drive (80 GB) Store movies, music, etc.6. Beautiful Black Console Doesn’t look like a game player on shelf.7. EASY to set-up (Ready in a few minutes)8. LOWER PRICED All these unique feaetrus, at a lower price than the other Blue Ray playersI have no idea why anyone would ever consider a standard BLUE RAY or DVD player once you have had a chance to try out the feaetrus of the PS3. Having the internet on our TV allows us full access to news, weather, radio, music video’s, etc.I was told that low price BLUE RAY players cannot play many movies and DVD’s because the BLUE RAY format is constantly changing and the Playstation 3 is the ONLY BLUE RAY unit to have automatic updates that will correct for new Blue Ray formats in the future.NO COMPARISON Hands down BEST BLUE RAY Player with the most feaetrus on the market!HIGEST POSSIBLE RATING

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